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. this is the exact same treatment that they use in the spa. the facemaster is the only way you can do that at home with the same electrical output as a $12,000 machine for the price of just two treatments. >> after you're done with it, you can feel the difference in your face and you feel as if you did something. >> you feel stimulated. and you feel rejuvenated. that's how i feel. >> i definitely see a little bit more plumpness and a little more definition all over. my eyes look a lot more open and the wrinkles are fewer. it's noticeable. it's exciting. the facemaster works. >> people start saying, "you had work done?" i'm like, "no, i didn't. no, i didn't. it's the facemaster." yay! >> one of the most exciting things about facemaster is that you can see such fast results. i mean, sometimes, it's absolutely amazing the difference you could see after just one treatment. to show you what i mean, let me introduce you to rachelle, who is using facemaster for the first time, right? >> mm-hmm. >> and i asked rachelle to just focus on one side of her face so that we could see the difference. and she's ju
he needs us. >> baltimore's humane society and pets for patriots are helping. service members get 10% off spaying or neutering and a 20% off vet care. >>> all right. one of the veterans being honored this veteran's day makes up half of the remarkable couple living in dundalk. >> they have a story of love, war and marriage that has endured for 70 years. rosie leftwich tells us how world war ii changed their lives. >> reporter: a skinny kid from pasadena got a job at a women's dress factory for $7 a week. one of his new friends advised him to ride a street car to go to a birthday party for his cousin willie mae. >> my sus sin aid you're -- cousin said you're not supposed to ask a boy to dance. i said i don't know. she was 15. he had just turned 18 eye think i fell for her a lot harder than she fell for me. >> you were persistent. >> right, right. >> very cool. >> she was a little beauty. >> reporter: they dated for two years on and off. they wanted to get married but things were expensive back then and he wanted to make more money. those dreams changed with the war. >> come on, men,
bases had visited ft. meade and using it as a blueprint to right same service. >>> all right. you can follow brian on twitter. there are details and some of the other stories. the twitter handle is at brian at abc2. >>> all right. shows up when your house is burning down or your cat is stuck in a tree. >> now fire trucks are being used as advertising space. >> why just look at a kid's face. there's facial recognition software, how a new invngs is making its rounds and how it will help engage with them. >> it looks like fall at baltimore's country club. crisp and sunshine. we'll talk about how things change. we'll be back. >>> this is neat. i'm a big fan of engine 11. forget billboards and pop-up ads, fire trucks are the way to go to advertise. >> they're trying to raise money, so they debuted a new look a truck that also doubles as a moving ad. one of the first advertisers is carroll home services. >> we just want to show our support for the community. it's a good opportunity for the community to see a that. >> 45% of the budget comes from the county. so right now the ad space is take
off, nailed it up on my garage wall so then i could always remember the different ways i could use it. the little giant helped me paint my kitchen. i was able to angle the ladder on the stairs and i was able to climb up there. i felt sturdy and steady and i was able to paint the corners and the top and the ceiling without a problem. the little giant ladder has some of the most demanding customers in the world. all branches of our u.s. military have purchased and are using the little giant ladder systems in a wide variety of applications. one of the applications we use it is at the lnch pad. in order to get the little giant ladder down to the place where we actually are going to use it, it's got to go through some very small confined spaces. so we get it down into the module and then actually fold it out to its full size. the little giant ladder is so versatile that it basically accommodated all of our unusual tasks. little giant ladders are very durable. they're dependable, a very rigid ladder. i've got some pretty big operators and then you add all their gear and you're look at about
. in the u.s. tsa officials are looking at options but do not expect to lift the liquids ban anytime soon. >>> it was a day of honor for millions of men and women who put their lives on the country for this country. in addition to those who have come and gone, the focus was on making sure today's veterans are well taken care of once on american soil. more now from karen travers. >> reporter: across the nation, americans mark veteran's day with festive parades and solemn remembrances. at arlington national cemetery, president obama honored the men and women who served. >> we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> reporter: the president gave recognition to richard overton, who at age 107 is one of the nation's oldest vet. >> he was at pearl harbor when the battleships were still smoldering. he was there at okinawa and' quo woe jeem ma and said i only got out of there by the grace of god. >> reporter: as veterans are recognized for their service there is a battle many are fighting at home. the unemployment rate for those who served in the wars in iraq and afghanista
a century but on the bright side, the new demand could be a good thing for wines in the u.s. who put this newscast together? we've gone from pumpkins to wine, to beer, to oysters. this is great. >> so people like you, people who grew up and spent a lot of time at the pike's theater. >> now for the first time in more than 30 years we'll be spending time at the pike's theater. 3d screens. the people cannot wait. >> people have said we're so happy you opened. met my wife here, dated, met friends here. i used to book this from 1968 to 1974. so this was always a a test theater. it's about time somebody took a shot. >> in addition to the two theaters, it's a bar and grill, which means date night in one place. it opened up in 1937. >> i know where jamie's going for dinner. >> steamed oysters or on the half? on the half. you got to have them raw. >> oh, no. i kind of like them steamed. all right. to the south and east we have rain clearing out. had some deep contracts showers on this friday, first day of november. it was not exactly a cold rain. you see the last of it blowing offshore. a lar
. the top five things used by the military that can be found in daily life. >> every time you use your gps, thank the u.s. military. the device is to keep you from getting lost or asking for directions rely on the same satellite set up by the department of defense in the early '90s. former president bill clinton pushed for them to become available to the general public. this device known as the eppi pen can treat an alerj ek reaction with a quick shot of epinephrine. it was designed to protect soldiers from nerve goods and other chemical weapons. let's say there are plenty of things can you do o with duct tape. it was originally invented in 1940s for ammunition cases. troops realized they could use it to fix army gear. another thing straight out of the military, the jeep. first manufactured for troops in world war ii but it has come a long way. today it is considered the world's oldest suv. it can come with a host of amenities, from leather interior to voice command. hard to imagine these things ever crossing the battlefield. but decades later you will still find the iconic seven-slot gril
's announcement they would lift the restrictions on using electronic devices was greeted one word. >> finally >> finally. >> finally. >> reporter: unfortunately its not quite final yet. the faa is requiring each domestic airline to get each air craft safety certified. right now it's a weird period where you can use your devices on some planes but not on others. jetblue was quick to get certified. their flight on november 1st was the first one to allow use of personal electronic devices. delta also approved ped's on the first but only on delta mainline flights, ott the regional jets. you can see how this gets confusing. i was just on a united states airways flight where a cabin had to be told something to the effect of hey, we know the faa said you can use this stuff but turn it off because you can't use it here yet a few days before the announcement southwest announced it was allowing customers to before outer loop i-pad -- borrow i- pads but they weren't allowing customers to use them yet. remember regardless of the carrier you are still not going to be able to use a cell and larger device
. he is part of the group police using all the resources to round up tonight. >>> continuing coverage right nows tonight, annapolis mayoral elections no winner in the race. republican challenger, mike pat lee douse leads josh cullen, the race is closer now within 50 votes. board expected to consider 11 provisional ballots. . >>> the weather probably continuing to see passing fair weather clouds. nice looking friday night. heading to dinner, maybe a movie, put the layer on, the windchill factor is going to remain, nice and dry, nothing more than a couple of mixed flurry type showers west. we are try the rest of the night. the winds beginning to relent some. a stout breeze. we will be dropping sharply overnight. you will feel that. looks like a frozen dawn, 30-32 degrees. we will look at the weather maker towards next week coming up. >>> cline was struck by a car during a traffic stop along route 100 last month and recovering at rehab. the five 5á k is set for this sund, 10:00 a.m. in sykesville. 700 people have signed up. >> this doesn't show what family means to the maryland state p
. it was the show that gave us the memorable moment. at number one, george named entertainer of the year for the first time since 1990. a bit of a surprise. >> i'm just glad that i could still come to these things. >>. >> knocki ining entertainer of year. number two, blake getting two cma awards. swrer t entertainer of the year is wond ereful. >> winning female vocal igs of the year for a fourt time. our list of top red carpet moments, number one, charles easton has a dople ganger. >> i completely see it. really? >> go for it. >> he maintained that sense of who he was. a man who was self effacing. >> reporting for the cma awards. >> he thanks, sck. >> from down home to this statistic that hits home. women still make over 93% of food purchases in the home. guy, come on. we need to switch it upright now. today is actually let men make dinner day. 78% of dinners are made by women. >> i love toe cook in the kitchen. it's a lot of fun. seasoning the meat, rubbing the meat, seasoning all of the vegetables. >> greg is the kitchen con no soir. >> e eve got bad form over here. >> first, greg says
plus account. even if you don't use google plus, you might have an acount. google pluses the plus sign pretty hard. you do have the option to disable shared endorsements. it probably won't begin for most folks until they see one of these ads. from reactions people see online, it just freaks people out. >> thank you, connor. you want to look 10 years younger? that's cra-cra. but we can make you sound 10 years younger. >> is fresh still fresh? >> we're knocking tenl years off of your vocabulary on the break down. >>. >> can you define swag? >> if my kids were here, they would. swag would be something hanging down, like a drapery. >> well, to me, swag means jewelry. >> do you have swag? >> do i? no. very little. >> swag is the type of style you have. the type of clothes you wear. >> justin bieber uses it and he calls it swaggie. >> i had it. i took ten-day course of antibuy o antibuyoltices and i felt fine ever since. >> how about cra-cra? >> it sounds like a type of food. >> a loot of you on craig's list are cra-cra. >> disco is straight up cra-cra. >> can you define yolo? >> oh, i've he
. >> for us, within our organization, they are our target. this is where we start destabilizing them, cutting the head off this organized group and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: they gathered at the exact park the group held meetings. tonight it sat quiet. >> i thought it was important. where we had blood on our streets, we're sending back a message that we're taking back these locations. >> reporter: she has lived in this hear her life and has literally watched gangs take over. >> going down the street, you hear gunshots. you zoo know which way to go because you don't want to get hurt. then, yeah, that's concerning. >> reporter: many of those arrested face gang charges. seven are charged with first- degree murder for killing eight people. you might remember the story of 358 carlos williams, a comcast employee who was shot in his fan. at the time of his 2010 murder, the police would not confirm this was gang related. members of the black guerilla family killed him for hoping a drug rehab facility. >> the gang operates in various sects and groups around the city. this is a major piece
greener. >> i mean, this is absolutely beautiful. it used to be a parking lot. now we've got trees. it's something that will really help the river. >> the back river project includes nine sites on both sides of the river. >> that's great and it's need. >>> now some big plans for our baltimore city. organizers and city leaders are calling it inner harbor 2.0 and it's all about taking it up to the next level. we're talking about a pedestrian bridge, green space, parks, playground, a grand entrance. i mean, those are just some of the improvements on the list. there are a lot of detailed plans but nothing specific and no timeline. now the mayor explains how the city decides what projects to get behind. >> by doing outcome budgeting that is zero based, we start with the -- we don't start with a presumption. it helps drive results. >> now the plan right now is to have you comment, all right and then present inner harbor 2.0 to the city's planning commission early next year. >>> all right. coach harbaugh said ed reed will always be a raven but there's in plans to bring him back. the houston t
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in the u.s. than any industrialized country. the good news, the rate of premature babies in the u.s. is at its lowest in nine years. the bad news one in 9 are still born too soon. premature births is the leading cause of deaths and is linked to verb yal problems and cerebral palsy. what can mothers do? if you're pregnant, take prenatal vitamins, avoid alcohol and tobacco and most importantly, see your doctor regularly for prenatal care. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> let's start off with the radar. you see most of the precipitation has moved offshore. really, we can't find a shower in the state. the only shower is if you're traveling well east and headed to oat heat this friday eve fling. otherwise, continuing to clear out. this is part of a large frontal system. it's been a slow mover. as it continues to pull offshore we'll see cold air wrapping in. so cooler air will come in with this boundary. it's just a slow moving scenario. see how nice and clear things have gotten. we were cloudy, rainy early on. now we're in the blue skies. tonight and tom night with t
. it will slide east over the next three days and continue to keep us in a fair weather setup, a classic setup that looks quiet at least through veteran's day. there are some indications of a storm the middle of next week. tonight down to 35. we stay breezy and cold. tomorrow 52. tomorrow we're talking 32 by night. take a look at the setup the next several days. a little bit of temperature mod range, not quite getting to 60. on veteran's day upper 50s. the new front with the potential low as we go late tuesday into wednesday. we think that's a rain and wind event with the potential for winter weather in the higher elevations west of hagerstown. we'll see. in the meantime it's all about a classic fall weekend. this will be breezy and chilly in the morning. >>> all right. people looking up at the sky last night. it was quite a light show. many thought it was a fireball, but it was actually a meteor. this is video from a car's dash cam. you can see the plight in the distance. >> i'm just watching it. it was coming in slow motion about as big as a cantaloupe. it was perfectly round, all blue and t
of us. 62 degrees at bwi. winds are southeast at 8. the winds are decent. the forecast tomorrow will be better early on. rain will be more likely through mid-morning and midday and will clear out torrow night. we have a chance, a window of clear weather. the winds will be kicking up and getting chillier as well, start to feel the change by this time tomorrow night or later. temperatures so mild tonight. 64 still in easton. 60 at the beach. 60s in the mountains. it's the south wind that's the cull brit. the surge of mild air and creating also more humid conditions which makes it feel milder but that front edging through the area will stop at 6:00. the time frame when most of the rain should be out and to the east. tomorrow night if you have plans outside not so bad. realize it will be breezy and getting cold. we'll probably never get out of the loy 50s. here's the broader view. the rain extending from upstate new york to little rock, arkansas. it's getting its motion encontrolsed as the area of high pressure has moved off to sea. we have a high pressure bubble over cape hatteras.
was nuts. four u.s. presidents have had a mustache. arthur, cleveland, roosevelt and taft. >> m mustache is a movember mustache. >> may look like he has a centipede on his upper lip but it is for a good cause. >> viral tidbits in mustaches. so not good. the juiciest viral videos on the internet, bring it. here are the day's best. >> viral list. >> first up, all aboard. in new york city, train conductors cast a point at every sharp sign. at every subway station. just, you know, to prove they're paying attention. they wanted to make it more fun by adding funny signs. in the workers are really enjoying it. some are a little reluctant but it is through jobs. colorful ride. taking on the bright streets of chile. they even meet some not so nice friends. >> very nice local. wild dinner guests. check out this russian video of a raccoon chomping down on some grapes. >> so may need need lessons in etiquette. >> fit strips are everywhere. we will show you how to make your own and they will look just like you. well, your version of you, coming up on "the list." rom com, the american film institutes
>>> a deadly attack against a u.s. diplomat out post in bengalsey. a british security contractor said he was there the night of the last year's attack and fought back militants of the compound. the knock times reports the contractor told the fbi he didn't go to the compound on the night of the september attack. lori logan today apologized and says the net work was wrong. >>> secretary of state johner kerry arrived in geneva in opens of ?4rjclosing a deal in hopes of closing sanctions against iran in exchange for information on the nuclear program. first step would be iran's agreement to freeze parts of nuclear program buying time for a permanent deal next year. >> before flying to geneva me mote with netanyahus expressed anger about the emergency agreement because it stopped short of totally prevent iran from making nuclear weapons. >>> today airports all over held a moment of silence at 12:20 in remembrance of the officer killed at lax last week. looking at video from reagan national airport. officers and passengers with silent as they honored the memory of hernandez. paul see o
to take off the shoes and belts and the jackets. you can use the concourse d precheck in line if you are approved and if you are traveling from concourse a, b or c. >> all right. now update on the breaking news from last night. the gunman is dead after shots were fired inside a new jersey mall. one of the biggest in america. nobody was hurt but for the gunman identified by investigators as 20-year-old richard shoop. his brother believes he only wanted to hurt hills. >> the fact he shot in to the ceiling, we don't think he went in with the intent to shoot anyone. >> he intended to hurt nobody but himself. >> reporter: police say he killed himself with a rifle that he stole from his older brother. the garden plaza mall stayed close as police finished their investigation. >> tonight the community is coming together to raise money for the family of a firefighter killed by his girlfriend's ex. andrew hoffman and his girlfriend were killed. chris robinson then turned the gun on hippings. tonight a bar and grill is holding a fundraiser for the family. it starts at seven and 10% of the m
are now trying to speak to the manfluencers of the household. a new survey revealed 47% of u.s. men now do most of the grocery shopping in their homes. we spoke to ad agency roger her honoren. >> what's the deal with these products. . >> it's to ensure the responsibleties of home. it's a good sense to market to them and have them be part of that conversation as opposed to alienating them. >> frozen yogurt. this ain't your girlfriend's owe gurt. >> believe it or not, manly yogurt is a real thing. that's not the first food to target men and it won't be the last. it's the ultimate game-day fantasy. >> it's been around that we were trying to get into the men's psyche a little more.ey see opp. >> there's going to be tooth paste. instead of beef jerky, we have to have beefier jerky. >> thanks, brian. in you're a red sox fan like me, you may be gloating over your defeat. it's an emotion called shodenfreuda. it's the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. don't blame yourself, it's buy logical. let's check it out on weird science. researchers from princeton found that it's a widely-felt
her face, the u.s. marine and mother of two is hailed a hero. >> he's fired. he's firing. >> reporter: she help lead officers to arrest the suspected shooter, 21-year-old sergio rodriguez but police are looking for daniel cruz as a person of interest. >> if this story touches you, you can reach inside of that part of yourself and step forward with any information you could have that could help this case. >> if she didn't get in pursuit most likely there wouldn't have been justice. >> reporter: with the support of the community and her husband, carrie says she'd do it all over again. >> the sacrifices that me and my family go out every night. when she goes out. we know it is a possibility that mom may not come home. >> officer gonzalez was also shot in the chest. her superiors believe her kevlar vest likely saved her life. john and >> amazing story. she fired back through all of that. >> she could have been killed. she had kevlar on. >> no doubt. >> you forget the risks these folks in law enforcement take every single day. >> routine traffic stops are quite often not routi
and effort. they received new computers, lighting and a player used autographed ping pong table. >>> you should have been in this room today. it's national philanthropy day. we honored unsong heroes. we honored our young and dr. john huntsman who helps those with autism. when he started it it was baltimore west and now it's baltimore. >>> forget about ralph lauren or bur berry. greg ri meacham is 11 yores old -- years old and behind it. he and other patients drew up the designs for the ties. greg made his tie but when he was drawing it, he didn't imagine it would come to life. >> i didn't really think it would be in, but i'm glad it was because i get this great experience. >> he's just 11 years old. help spent most of last year at johns hopkins. he has a form of lymphoma but he's doing well and back in school. a prgs of the money raised will go it help patients here at the hopkins children's center. you can find the ties on the company as website. >> i want to thank 13-year-old emily yang who came up with this. mt. airy, this was the team. it was a wednesday and hope you had a chance to
and more people are surfing while driving. almost one in four reported using the internet while driving. those numbers are almost double. experts say most research on distracted driving focuses on texting while driving but searching the internet is dangerous, too, even more. >>> ravens players ledded to bwi to meet service members coming back home. >> thank you. thank you. >> they all teamed up for raising welcome home members. they greeted their family. >> ed reed probably wishes he took the two tickets to paradise. he missed the first two games of the season after the hip surgery and recently got benched. he recently came out and publicly criticized the team saying they were outplayed and out coach. >>> navigating the internet with some help from google. >> how scan we teach them how to be safe online if we don't have any tools. >> a lesson plan that has students racing for their smart teens and cal ripken opened up a new place for kids to play balancing. >> and the temperatures today. we talked about the high would be at midnight at 5 degrees. we hit 52 at midnight and today never ou
to travel -- and there's so much more to see. so we found a plan that can travel with us. anywhere in the country. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learmore about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ i won't back down >> not backing down is toronto's mayor whose antics put him in the spotlight. >> an international embarrassment, they want him to step down but he is digging in his heels. >> reporter: only the battle over toronto's much maligned crack smoking loud talking mayor could turn the canadian version of c-span in to much watched television. >> i'd like you to have him apologize. >> i don't want to apologize. >>
, atlanta. >>> so many people shaking their heads on this one because george zimmerman used stand your ground and gets off in a situation where a young boy is dead. she fires a warning shot using stand your ground and she's in jail. >> there's no other way to look at this unless you put the racial undertones on it. immediately you think, well, the victim in george zimmerman's case was african-american. and now the american essentially, the victim here, too. the person who fired the shot in this case is african-american and look at the disparity of the two cases. hopefully we will get good news for her and she will go home and see her kids. >> her ex-husband didn't want her to go to prison and thinks it was too much. >> well, nothing happened to him. the shot was fired in to the air and everybody was okay. >>> moving on to this. american airlines proposed merger with u.s. airways is all but cleared for take off. they are forming the world's biggest airline. they settled the antitrust case yesterday. they could create opportunities for low fare carriers but some analysts say that's not e
by movember, but the company is using the month to promote its own mustache trimmer. as their press release advertises, when it comes to maintaining their mustache for movember, the lifestyler will help men trim, edge and shave with ease. the company sponsors team gillette, featuring several prominent athletes and kate upton to raise money for the cause. tom shoes has special limited edition movember shoes. you can have a mustache on your face and feet. tom's promises to make a donation to movember as part of the partnership. 7 for all mankind has a special line of jeans. 20 bucks from every pair goes to the cause. but i'm pretty sure there is room for profit left over as well. the art of shaving is giving 100% of the proceeds from its $15 mustache trims to movember. small companies have also signed on as partners you. you can by a limited edition of movember headphones, a movember watch. it hasn't quite reached pink breast cancer awareness level, but movember is proving to be an outlet for companies to raise awareness about men's health issues while simultaneously raising awareness of the
. peoplewho #4ri6 live in the area tell us they have seen an increase in street rob ris, but #2340g like this they're patrolling a lot. i'mnot sure of anything different that could be done because i really do think that they're doing a good job. >> reporter: less than an hour after the double shooting, another shooting, this time in the 1200-block of oliver street. police say officers on patrol in the area heard gunshots and found the victim when they arrived. they canvassed the neighborhood looking for evidence in the latest murder. the three homicide bring this year's total to 198. last yearat this time, there were 187 murders. police have no suspects in any of the shootings tonight. . >> and to get updates on this story and any other breaking news, you need to follow us on twitter. >>> new developments in the robbery and stabbing of a towson university student. the sameperson is wanted in connection with the robbery and stabbing of another student. the studentwas injured so badly, they were unable to give a dripgs to the -- description to the police. investigators are looking for t
. >> what the study shows us is there are changes already happening that wouldn't be detectable to the naked eye. >> reporter: they studied a group of 36 children starting at two months old. three years later, they found out which were diagnosed with autism. turns out the children with autism by six months old spend less and less time looking at the eyes. the bigger the change, the more profound the autism was. >> the earlier we diagnose. the earlier we intervene the better the long-term outcome. >> reporter: previous research in boston show used eye tracking to show that babies take emotional cues from faces, from eyes. >> three facial emotions, neutral, happy and fear. >> reporter: we know older children with autism don't make eye contact. now technology has given a way to detect the earliest clues. i want to precaution, it is totally normal for a baby to look around the room and not always focus on your face. this is a research tool. your doctor will screen your baby as he or she gets older with tests we know work for detecting autism. for now, this is something that holds promise but isn
's for sure. >>> coming up, swimming with the sharks. matt gutman giving us up close personal look with someone who is making friends one of the most feared creatures on the earth. we will call him the shark whisperer. ♪ >> i want too draing martini and hear the rest of that song. >> this man may have thought a shark had pretty teeth but he is in good company. >> one man admires the feared creatures and swims with them unprotected. even treating them like pets. we are "up all nightline" with abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: it maybe the sum of all human fears. maybe just mine. >> on your left. on your left. >> reporter: coming face to face with jaws, a 14-foot tiger shark, the size of a car. >> wow. >> you instinctively think jaws, the apec predators that can swallow you whole those great whites gnashing at shark cages. these must be aggressive, blood-thirsty creatures, right? maybe not. we flew out to the shark mecca of the bahamas to find out for ourselves, motoring out 30 miles on the turquoise atlantic. tell me when you want it, one, two, three. >> all for a rendezvous with a
, if such a thing existed. in u.s. history only hurricane andrew ravaged florida in 1982 comes close. there are fears it may inflict a historic catastrophe. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> so scary. with catastrophic wind gusts and up to a foot of rain this typhoon could definitely go to our history books. >> our coverage continues with accu-weather meteorologist jim dickey. >> the good news is the storm has likely reached the peak intensity. earlier on, wind gusts, 160, 170 miles an hour that's about as bad as you can see from one of the systems here. still likely gusts to 125 mile an hour range. causing widespread destruction. the rain continues to pour down as well. many spots eight to 12 inches of rain nosing in to manila. john, diana, back to you. >> thank you the, jim. we will monitor damage reports all morning long as we track this typhoon. we will have extensive updates later this morning on good morning and "america this morning." >>> now let's check our national forecast. over than some lingering rain and snow, we're going to have in the northwest, we have some lake ef
the hot list to hot, sizzling foods. >> most of us love fast food. bud it's actually fat food, right? >> yes, but there are ways to make fast food delicious and nutritious. amazed? i'll tell you right now on the ridiculist. >> ever since the documentary "supersize me," most of us consider fast food as unhealthy. it's enough to make you sick. but it's registered dietitian to the rescue. >> if we go healthy, are we going to lose that? >> absolutely not. there is nothing on a fast food menu that is not delicious. >> number one, be aware of what's on your plate. fast food portions have increased a lot. it's important to notice what you're being served. number two, make sure that half of your plate is full of vegetables and fruit? >> so does that mean chips and french fries? >> no, sorry. >> number three, ask for what you want, like extra veggies on the side or french fries without sault. >> take back your plate. >> i'm taking it back. >> you can have a little bacon. you can have a little sauce and a little salt. my advice is to get as much as you can on the side so you can add it yoursel
paid for the picture and agreed to model in, change for free family photographs that could be used to promote the website. she said she's a wife, a mother and not a model and trying to move on from the negativity. >>> tonight a government report is slamming the tsa for creteing terrorists by observing passenger behavior. the agency has isn't more than $900 million on it but congressional overseers said it has yet to prove it's effective. >>> embattled toronto mayor rob ford appeared before the city council today for the first time since admitting that he smoked crack cocaine. the mayor is facing tough questions and admitted to smoking crack. >> the reason i drank or did drugs was in the because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity. that's all it was. i will not blame something. i take full responsibility for it. i don't know what else i can say. >> well, for flatly denying it, he said he home took drugs on isolated occasions. pressure is expected to increase to force him to resign. he said he will not resign but will also run for reelection next year. >> the hustle and bustle o
. you're right. okay. >> you're watching us right now but be honest. what else are you doing? if you tweet while watching ur favorite tv shows, the social media site wants to capitalize on you. >> they're helping to turn tweets into cash. the ceo of twitter says the site recognizes that twitter has become a second screen for tv watchers. season finales are a awards shows or sports. when the ravens were playing the super bowl more than 239,000 tweets isn't per minute. >> lots of banner ads like facebook and other sites. they have to find other ways to make money. they can do that by putting promoted tweets into the stream of contents people see eye see. >> 40% profit margin. industry experts believe tv is the key toward reaching that goal. >> coming up after us on world news at 6:30. >> "the list." >> the new york marathon was her fourth victory in a row. where she is headed next. that's coming up on "the list" at 7:00. >>> can't imagine anyone would want to spend their weekend this way. asher vongtau was stuck in a two foot space between a dorm and a garage. firefighters had to bust
in a school. >> now some parents reporting to us saying public schools and police should have done more to protect their children. cheryl joins us now to explain. >> two big complaints here. the school system waited too long to call parents and allowed parents back in a too soon. we hear how this all played out. >> the focus of the story is a door that didn't latch. a man under the influence ended up inside brooklyn park middle school about one hour before the bell rang. >> at 7:08 this morning, why didn't you send the parents out that says we have a trespasser in our school, we don't know if he's armed, dangerous or not. >> refers to the letter sent home from the school. she dropped her daughter off around 7:45 unknowingly. police cars unusual. skyla and her classmates were shifted to the auditorium. >> some teachers were saying he had a gun. some were saying he had a knife and some were saying he was homeless. >> the confusion caused her to sent her mom a text. she dropped work to take her out of school. >> he could have had a bomb strapped to him. with this day and age, people are cr
. it will start coming this weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon announced the deal with the u.s. postal service today. it includes expanding to dallas, houston and gnarl-- new orleans. >>> well, could black friday soon be obsolete? argument -- target is the latest retailer announcing they will open earlier. it's one hour earlier than last year. many are pushing their in-store sales to thanksgiving day rather than waiting until friday. right now kmart is opening 6:00 in the morning on thanksgiving day. ?ie want to start off with a lock at maryland's most powerful radar. things are clear but that's getting ready to change and change in big way. you can see what happens basically as we go through the overnight hours still relatively dry but changes as we go through the mid-morning hours. rain showers with snow showers on the back side. flipping over quickly through that morning commute, we don't anticipate real accumulations here because ground temps should be above 40 degrees. the air temp in the upper 30s but wintry showers. it's going to make for a tough morning commute. rain showers m
. us airways and marl l--- american airlines can merge but under specific conditions. the justice department requires them to scale back the size of the merger in washington and other big cities. they said it could drive up prices for consumers president the merger makes them the world's largest airlines. >>> add walmart to the list of stores to shop on thanksgiving. the retailer said they will open at 6. walmart said it's just trying to keep up with the competitors who are also opening early this year. to take a look at the thanksgiving deals, just head to there, you can find the hours of the stores as well as the biggest bargains. >> i think some stores are opening tonight. >>> hey, christmas came very early for one 14-year-old boy a store's shipping has put a gift in lucky hands. the xbox 1 official date is -- eye was completely shocked. i said preston. you won't believe it. i got the xbox. >> he is one of 50 who received it ahead of its release. it was sent out boy target. the company calls it a computer gli. the system isn't ccting and probably wouldn't for the
're their only chance. that's why we need your help. and i want to personally invite you to please join us today and change a child's life forever. >> they're ridiculed, rejected, sometimes even hidden away. every year, over 200,000 children around the world are born with cleft lip or cleft palate into families who cannot afford the surgery to repair it. you can provide a complete surgery for one waiting child right now by becoming an operation ile partner. it costs only $240. just $240 to transform a child's life. over 5000 of the world's top doctors and nurses are standing by to volunteer their time. most of the medical supplies are donated. we're ready to go to more countries and reach more children, but we can't do it without your help. that's why it's so important that you call right now. your gift of $240 will provide surgery for a waiting child. or, if you prefer, you can pledge $20 a month. your gifts will help send our teams and equipment all year 'round and help ensure that we can provide surgery free of charge to every child in need, so no child has to be turned away. call now and bec
's a mim o$10 r there are limits to what you can kriblt per year. and the money you put in has to be used for qualified health expenses. you can go over the unused portion oflts money. it's yours for ever. i'm atrishlting to might be hef lid. knowing that i'll need that money for some sort of qualified expense. >> there's an important difference. big picture, this is one you have to think a little bit more about in advance. don't throw $2500 into an fsa if you're not sewer you'll use it. by using tree tax money, you're effectively paying less for check-ups. ie deally, you wouldn't have any medical expernss. bup if you do, news plans can be a great deal. >> and now a benefit of watching "the list. we watch all the light-night talk shies. >> the kraft corporation, starbucks has been ordedded to pay 2$2.7 bill john. if you put that in starbucks terms,that's three la strks te, is is 1rks. >> what might be considered the world's most popular desert? and the gus dynasty now exclusively at walmart. that's when you know it's exclusive. when it's being sold at walmart. i'm fold the blinds come in
across the entire region and the western u.s. all courtesy of a weather cell that will dominate our weather the next 42-72 hours. you'll need sunglasses, fairly thick coat first thing in the morning. by midday you'll be able to shed the coat. you'll still need sunglasses through the end of the weekend. future temperatures looking fairly cold until we moderate tomorrow afternoon. that's the short-term look. beyond that into the weekend, we will trend milder as the high pressure slides. we'll start to get a south wind flow going. that will be our weather pattern shift number one. lasts through the weekend. our next blast of cold air forming up over northwestern canada. make a dive south in the middle of next week. what we saw this week, get ready for that again early next week. 23 tonight with a deep freeze. clear and calm. tomorrow we should fight back to 54 degrees, get close to seasonable levels at least. next several days, climate temperaturewise, we finally push 60 saturday afternoon. sunday looks great, low 60s. then there's that next powerhouse cold front that will bring in the
-twin is designed specifically for generator use. it's called purpose-built and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to performance, reliability and longevity. generac also purpose-builds its own alternators, which are designed for maximum power output and quiet performance. in fact, all of the generator subsystems, from fuel delivery, switches and electronics, are designed and built in-house. other manufacturers use off-the-shelf components and package them together. generac, on the other hand, purpose-builds generatorsific ds of backup power generation. >> in 2011 we had a really bad snowstorm and we were out of power for six days and we couldn't find a hotel to go to that would accommodate the family and the dog. we lt hundreds of dollars' worth of steak and hamburgers and things like that that we had in our freezer downstairs, and once hurricane sandy hit in this area, it was very, very traumatic for everybody, but thanks to the generac 20-kilowatt generator that we have, we, you know, we barely noticed it. we have heat, we have air conditioning, we have all of it. the
at the set up across the area, just generally cloudy skies, dominating, well west of us, that again will not get in here soon. we are talking late week a window for rain in the meantime giant dominant high pressure up here over main and eastern canada. really helping stall the weather pattern just to the west. dry, cool conditions dominate though we will have midlevel cloudses like how we had today. set up temperature wise, again, mildler each afternoon. we will look to ramp up into the upper 60s . 70s in the carolina's and that trend set to continue into the day on thursday. the thursday we bring in rain chances. tonight dry, 42, not as frigid. tomorrow 64, abc2, two degree guarantee trending mildler and then beyond that into the day onight we look for partly cloudy and cool conditions. the next several days low 60s. we cool off friday into the start of the weekend. mid50s, 30s by night and sunday 62, pretty good tailgate and beyond that into veteran's day, right now weather looks good for the vets and the holiday with low 60s, so there it is a dry outlook i must say by november st
's power of comedy event honoring the great jimmy kimmel. the roast master general gave us his list of ways that you, too, can bust chops like a pro. >> can't you take a joke? >> no, i can't. >> you're obviously doing your own hair and make up if you can take a joke. how long have you been sipging for a mariocci band? >>vij >> give me a list of three ways to roast a friend. >> candid compliments are always good. that's important. you want to build them up before you take them down. number two would be pick a].18 target that has thick skin. and number three, be able to take a joke yourself. if you're up there roasting -- >> it comes back. >> right. did any roaster ever hurt grour feelings? what's the best roast joke someone said about you? >> he said i looked like a melting him poe. i didn't think it was funny. and for james' grandma, 109 years old. >> that was the joke of the night. can you say that on "the list? >>. >> i don't think so. we should roast theresa. >> oh, gosh. >> she's on my list. >> from one hilarious guy to a whole bunch. the guy hosting the late-night talk shows. here are
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